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Gino Pinto Inc. was established in 1972 by Gino Pinto and is a family owned and operated business located in Hammonton, New Jersey. Gino Pinto Inc. is a distributor of winemaking equipment, supplies, and accessories as well as a wholesale distributor of fresh fruit and produce including wine grapes and wine grape juice.


Gino Pinto Inc. imports winemaking equipment and winemaking supplies from Europe and distributes these products to our home winemaking and winery customers here in the U.S.


Gino Pinto Inc. distributes fresh Californian, Chilean, and Italian wine grape and wine grape juice which is transported to our warehouse facility in Hammonton where it is sold throughout the country.


Gino Pinto Inc. has a varied and unique product mix centered around wine and winemaking. These products include stainless steel tanks, crusher-destemmers, fermentation tubs, wine presses, wine testing supplies and equipment, corkers, bottle fillers, demi-johns, wine barrels, wine racks, wine labels, wine bottles, whole wine grape, and wine grape juice.


Michael Pinto is the General Manager of Gino Pinto Inc. and controls the day-to-day operation of the business. Michael Pinto has been making wine for most of his adult life. Michael also founded Gino's School Of Wine in 2000. Gino's School Of Wine, located in Hammonton, NJ is a modern winemaking facility that teaches the fine art and science of winemaking from fresh grapes. Michael has traveled extensively through out the wine regions of California, Chile, and Italy visiting wineries and learning winemaking.


Gino Pinto Inc. is owned by Gino and his wife Karoll Pinto. Gino has over 40 years of experience in agricultural science and wine making. Gino has extensive contacts and experience with importing products from Italy and the rest of Europe.